Health Information Exchanges make it possible to share health information. Apelon makes that information meaningful with standard terminologies.

How? Mapping!

Mapping -- if locally collected lab results, medication orders, allergy info and other key patient data points are connected a standard terminology, then every health information exchange participant gets maximum value. If the goal is to reduce duplicate care, it's imperative to know what care has already been delivered. If the goal is to identify high-risk or high-utilization patients, you need to identify conditions and usage patterns across the entire health system. One way is to simply memorize every datum on every patient, and of course every idiosyncratic turn of phrase used in every record. Another way is to create a targeted mapping from local codes to standards. If you think that might be easier, Apelon offers tools and services ranging from assistance with legacy spreadsheet catalogs (take a look at TermWorks), to TermManager, a Web-based mapping system for small and midsize projects to facilitation of your high-volume real-time mappings using Symedical.

Ok, We'll Take One...

While there are many mappings available, there's no single "right" mapping for all uses, because the terminologies reflect the flexibility of the language, and different words are appropriate in different contexts. Apelon's professional services team can help guide you through the process of selecting and implementing a prebuilt mapping, as well as to customize that map to meet your needs. 

Of course, we also have a team of clinical informatics professionals... pharmacists, medical technologists, physicians, and more... who can do the mapping for you.

Health Information Exchanges News

  • HL7® FHIR® Applications Roundtable HL7 FHIR Applications Round Table

    HL7 FHIR Applications Round Table

    Boston, MA 02115

    Apelon will be presenting DTS on FHIR at the HL7 FHIR Applications Roundtable held at Harvard Medical School in Boston July 27-28, 2016. 

  • Announcing DTS 4.4.1

    June 09, 2016

    As technology continues to evolve and more and more organizations are adopting updated architecture, Apelon continues to place efforts into the evolution of DTS so that we can support your preferred environment configurations.

  • HL7 May 2016 Working Group Meeting

    HL7 May 2016 Working Group Meeting

    Montreal, Canada

    The Apelon team will be attending the HL7 May 2016 Working Group Meeting in Montreal. We will be participating in the FHIR Connectathon May 7 and 8, and then attending sessions on vocabulary, information modeling, clinical quality measurement, and of course FHIR. We look forward to seeing you there.

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