Yet another terminology server

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Will this tool get past beta?

Our friends and former colleagues at West Coast Informatics recently announced their foray into the increasingy crowded landscape of entry-level terminology servers. If you have a UTS license from the National Library of Medicine, you now have another way to browse SNOMED, and support for other terminologies is on the way.

Most efforts like this never make it past the initial version, because it's hard... going from read-only to read-write is hard, managing performance for multiple simultaneous users and big queries is hard, getting funding for a new version of what has turned into a commodity product is hard, licensing and managing content sources is hard, and so on.  

But... we know that the team at WCI is aware of all those problems, and they have the technical chops to solve them. After all, ten years ago they helped shepherd DTS, Apelon's own open source terminology server, past beta and into production worldwide. So, we wish them well, and we'll be watching to see what special sauce they pour into their server. After all, the more people are just getting started using a terminology server, the more people will be saying "This is great! But I'm gonna need an expert to really get the value out of this thing..." 

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