Terminology Services in the Philippines

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Terminology Services in the Philippines

We're just back from attending the third AeHIN General Meeting and spending several days working with the terminology team from the Philippine Department of Health and PhilHealth, their national insurance company. Those two organizations have agreed to work together to share data and are implementing parts of the OpenHIE stack to facilitate sharing and standardization.

It's inspiring to work in Manila for several reasons. First, the team there is amazing, with a lot of pent-up desire to make significant changes in the way care is documented and delivered. Second, the opportunities to do "next-generation' eHealth work are so much more obvious in a place where the legacy systems environment is uncluttered. Finally, the opportutnites for  eHealth to make a difference are equally large... our tools and techniques will be directly useful to people with basic health needs.

From the AeHIN conference we came away with a much better understanding of how structured data and standard terminology can be applied in coutries that vary greatly in technical experience and material resource levels. Eye-opening for us, and a great motivation for the work we'll do in 2015.

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