Pharmacologic Class Work Group Honored by FDA

Wednesday, 06 May 2015

Terminology team makes sure drug classification is accurate and comprehensive

The Pharmacologic Class Work Group will be recognized at the 55th Annual FDA Honor Awards Ceremony with the FDA Commissioner's Special Citation. This award recognizes significant contribution or achievement that leads to improvements in service, programs, and/or communication for FDA.

The Pharmacologic Class Work Group includes representatives from several US Agencies who are working to create a comprehensive listing of the pharmacologic classes used in drug labeling. It's tricky, detailed, even arcane work. In many cases the differences between drugs are subtle and so deciding whether two agents are really in the same class or if two separate classes should be recognized involves both expertise and wisdom. Often, this kind of task stays in the shadows, so this Special Citation is particularly a source of pride for the dedicated people who pay attention to the details.

Once the class names are determined by the group, they are recorded in the National Drug File -- Reference Terminology (NDF-RT). Each month, NDF-RT is published in conjunction with RxNorm by the National Library of Medicine (NLM). 

Apelon has provided staff support to the Work Group through our contracts with the Department of Veterans affairs (VA), and it's been a privilege to work with this group over the years.

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