DTS 4.0 Alpha 2 Release, Now Available

Thursday, 10 January 2013

We’re very pleased to announce availability of the DTS 4.0 Alpha 2 release. Alpha 2 adds a number of new features to Alpha 1, most significantly implementing Metadata additions. User-definable Metadata (implemented as Property Types and Properties) can now be added to Namespaces, Versions, and Authorities (Subset Metadata will be included in Alpha 3). Metadata can be added to both Subscription and Local DTS Objects, to create more expressive objects that include definitions, provenance, OIDs, URIs, etc. The Attribute Types panel in the DTS Editor now has a “top level” tab structure to accommodate creation of Metadata Types and the Details Panel provides editing capabilities. Alpha 2 also expands and simplifies web services support. A Linux build for server-side and content management features of DTS is now available as part of the Alpha 2 release.

For a full list of the new features and additional information on DTS 4.0 or to download the Alpha 2 release, visit www.ApelonDTS.org.